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I started running for weight loss not to be a fast or a good runner, but a few years into my journey I wanted more, I wanted to start increasing my pace and become a faster runner, I needed help! but due to my work commitments I found it hard to join a running club, I did spend most Saturdays at my local parkrun, Clumber Park. This is where I found out about the MBRB coach John Beattie an GB athlete. Having arranged a free meeting to talk about my journey, goals and future aims, I decided to become a member of the MBRB group. John analysed my running past and goals, aims for the future. It was apparent from the start, running is more than just putting a pair of trainers on and running, the different running methods for body and mind conditioning didn’t mean anything to me, I can now do all of the running styles and understand the reasons behind them, Fartlek, Intervals, Recovery runs, Progression runs, Rest days.

I can say with confidence, since being a coached runner I have improved my 5k times from 31 minutes to 26:43 minutes, 10k time was over an hour, now sits at 56:30, Half marathon time smashed twice in 6 months, now 02:03:46 this is 17 minutes quicker than when I was pre coached. Then there’s the Marathon I completed on April 8th Manchester, my first marathon completed in 04:29:46 under my planned time, I’ve ran over 26 Miles where I struggled to move for 3 without resting or walking last year. You don’t need to be a good runner, a world class athlete, to be a coached runner, It’s the desire to deliver and be accountable for completing the runs, running styles set to deliver your goals. It’s a great feeling to have a coach with John Beatties experiences review your runs, provide feedback on the runs and discuss improvements and push you to be better than you think possible is a type of motivation that inspires you to give more and in tern delivers your personal rewards and goals. Anyone wanting to be a better runner, have greater knowledge of running styles, deliver on there own personal goals,
Move Better, Run Better is the place to be,
Thank you John! (Paul Wilde)

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