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My non running training was very limited before I started. My balance was not very good and my core was weak. My only reservations when joining the group were – would it really work and was it really necessary. The sessions are so enjoyable.. I was hooked from the start. We all work hard but have fun doing it. Although I have not been going for that long it has made a massive difference to my core. I am now far more stable when balancing on one leg (which we all obviously have to do when running). The classes teach far more than just strength – proper form, importance of warm ups and how to do them, tips on running, motivation and how to enjoy your running more. We even get homework! John knows everything about running and why things are necessary and Lilly is great at working the core and.checking correct form. So they make a perfect team. I would recommend the classes to everyone whatever level you are at. (Jackie Duers)

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