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How Marathon Runners Can Achieve PB’s and Smash Target Times WITHOUT Having to Double Their Mileage, Using The 3-Step Marathon Success System

Helping Runners With Coaching In 3 Key Areas…

Mindset Coaching For Runners


I’ve lost confidence with my running and its beginning to have an impact on my motivation levels. I struggle to fit all of my training in and feel guilty for putting myself first

Marathon Running Coaching


I am a struggling marathon runner. I’m struggling with knowing what training to do, suffer from injuries, and have no confidence that I’ll improve or hit my targets. I need help now!

Strength And Conditioning For Running


I’m a keen runner, but often feel tight or have had injuries before. My body feels weak at the end of marathons or long runs and I don’t know why. I know I should be doing ‘non running training but am not sure where to start.

Here’s What Our Runners Say About Us…

Interview with Charles Sultan (3.39 - 3.09 marathon)

Interview with Darren King - VLM V50 1st placer

Articles, videos, and tips to help your running…

A cool thing about running is the places it can take us.. Here's a novelty one for you, how many of the 48 English Counties have you raced in over the years?

I think I'm at 32, so a fair few to go and would require some long trips to tick off some of those remaining

Has anyone managed all 48?! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

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Sam Richardson shares his experience of joining MBRB’s running specific live, online, strength and conditioning sessions 💪🏻

“I had achieved three sub 3 marathons in succession without any injuries, but I felt I was plateauing in the Spring. I knew core strength and flexibility were weaknesses and that working on that would be a key step to reaching the next level.

I liked the idea of online sessions. It’s a lot less hassle than turning up somewhere and you still get the quality feedback and runner specific session that you can’t get from YouTube etc. I guess, my only reservation was whether I would be starting too far back compared to others in the group so I might not be able to do all parts of the session.

I’ve really enjoyed the sessions and my worries about some things being too tricky turned out not to be an issue. When running, especially on tempo runs, I’ve felt much stronger through the core and my stride length has increased.

I’d definitely recommend. The Zoom based session is easy to fit around a busy family and work life, easy to access (and to move to a different session if there’s a clash) and you get excellent live feedback.”

Top job Sam 😊💪🏻🏃🏻‍♂️

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First week of August 2016 – Exactly 4 years since I completed the final part of my athletics coaching qualifications.

At the time, I was 30 years old and not massively sure what I wanted to do with life so decided to take the coaching badges, more just to keep options open than for any other reason.

I was also applying for jobs at the time, and despite having a law degree and an MBA, a lack of any formal work experience in my 20s whilst pursuing elite running meant that I was struggling to get interviews for even the most basic of entry level positions – so instead of getting down about it, I saw it as a sign: If the job market doesn’t want me, then I don’t want it either.

The one thing I knew and loved more than anything else was running, so I went about seeing if I could put to use the coaching badge that I had recently obtained and just like that decided I had become a full time self-employed coach. No interview process, no pointless team meetings, no middle managers, but also no clients or guaranteed income. Pros and cons of doing your own thing I guess!

However, I set about learning the ropes and just like with running got help from some fantastic coaches. Help on how to do all the stuff involved in running a business that you would never be taught in any qualifications. Four years on, I’m proud to have turned passion into profession and now the day job involves helping people run faster for a living. Doing this has given me great joy, and in just a few years ‘Move Better Run Better’ has now helped several hundred runners from all over the world to better themselves and transform their lives through running.

Of course, I have not achieved this by myself, and its only been made possible with all the wonderful help and support from:
- All the coaches who have kindly shared their experience and knowledge to help me
- The several hundred clients, both past and present, who make it a joy to get up in the morning and do what we do
- The coaches and other partners who have helped us so far within MBRB
- Friends and family who have supported us in so many ways over the years
- Lilly Adkins, who has been there every step of the way with me

Thanks everyone! 🏃‍♂️

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I've never been a fan of the word 'talent'. I'm a strong believer that people achieve in life because of how they apply themselves day in day out.

Others may disagree but its certainly been the case with all the best athletes I've had the pleasure or knowing or competing against, as well as those who we've coached who have been successful - they achieve by committing to all of those things listed below.

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Having recently set lockdown PBs over both 5k and HM distances, busy mum of 3, and Boston Marathon qualifier Rachel Wyse kindly shared with us her experience of being a MBRB coached runner this year...

"After chatting with a good running friend I decided that a plan out of a book just didn’t work for me, although I’m disciplined and thrive off a plan it’s just to ridged and doesn’t allow for real life, I work part time, have 3 kids, 1 dog, 2 lizards and a husband who works in London all week so that 6 day plan does not allow for bumps along the way.
I thought about all the money I was spending on massage, trainers, books and thought I just need a coach to simplify my training and tell me what I need to do otherwise I’m just going round in circles.

Having Coach Tom Boardman share his suggestions when races started cancelling has really helped me to think about the end goal, the next week or two of training and not being hung up on missed races or miles. One thing Tom has been great at is encouragement always and space to digest if a run hasn’t gone as well as I’d hoped then planning the next weeks run around re-focusing and easy miles. A generic plan doesn’t allow for that, there’s no one to message to have a good moan to, sorry Tom!
So far, albeit Covid-19 I’ve really enjoyed Toms coaching, it’s supportive and flexible, pushes me to do better and I’m seeing results already, so far so good.

I would have never dreamed of having a coach, I didn’t class myself a runner until I actually picked up my bib at Boston.
Coaches were for club runners in my opinion and a book plan would be fine for me, well I’ve definitely changed my mind.
A coach that you can build a good relationship, who gets to know your strengths and struggles will undoubtedly improve your running whatever distance you do or goals you have in mind. Not having to worry about choosing or writing a plan is a huge benefit, we live in a busy world with busy lives and a good coach will make it not always easy (read tempo runs here) but more enjoyable to train by doing all the planning for you. I’ve learnt a lot from having Tom coach me, a different view on getting the best out of my time and giving me the confidence when I’ve faltered that I am more than able to go after my lofty goals."

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How Marathon Runners Can Achieve PB’s and Smash Target Times WITHOUT Having to Double Their Mileage, Using The 3-Step Marathon Success System

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