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How Marathon Runners Can Achieve PB’s and Smash Target Times WITHOUT Having to Double Their Mileage, Using The 3-Step Marathon Success System

Helping Runners With Coaching In 3 Key Areas…

Mindset Coaching For Runners


I’ve lost confidence with my running and its beginning to have an impact on my motivation levels. I struggle to fit all of my training in and feel guilty for putting myself first

Marathon Running Coaching


I am a struggling marathon runner. I’m struggling with knowing what training to do, suffer from injuries, and have no confidence that I’ll improve or hit my targets. I need help now!

Strength & Conditioning For Running


I’m a keen runner, but often feel tight or have had injuries before. My body feels weak at the end of marathons or long runs and I don’t know why. I know I should be doing ‘non running training but am not sure where to start.

Here’s What Our Runners Say About Us…

Interview with Charles Sultan (3.39 - 3.09 marathon)

Interview with Darren King - VLM V50 1st placer

Articles, videos, and tips to help your running…

Crazy we met 7 years ago online on POF!! Who’d of thought 7 years later that we’d be running an online business for runners together 😁

John was lucky to get a third date having dragged & dropped Lilly (on a bike) on one his training runs 😆 He got so far ahead on one the steepest hills that he didn’t even realise Lilly had decided to dismount and push the bike up the hill before going backwards!! A few mins later he realised Lilly wasn’t there so ran back and laughed out loud at the top of the hill watching red faced Lilly climb up 🥵😂

You can never predict the future in life but you sure can enjoy the journey and trust that its guiding you to your true purpose. Who’d of thought we’d be here & absolutely loving it 7 years on 😁

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Who measures their training & runs in KMs?? Or are you still staying traditional with miles? 🤔 ...

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Thanks to Rachel Mackie and the Redbourn community for welcoming me onto the Active in Redbourn on Friday evening. We hosted a live Q&A on all things running - lots of great questions were asked & stories told across a wide range of areas (lots of mindset), and I really enjoyed answering them ...

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Has anyone else been smashing PB’s in training?

Coached runner Charles Sultan has had a cracking run this morning with...

💥 5K PB 18:56
💥 10K PB 38:11
💥 15K PB 57:41

All in the same run 😮

Share your training wins with us below 👇🏼😁

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Have you been sticking to a strength and injury prevention routine or has it gradually drifted away?

We get it’s tough right now with gyms closed, clubs on hold and not being able to have your regular physio treatments or see other specialists but, you have two options...

You can either use the above as an excuse and let 2020 drift on by or, you can use this time with races being cancelled to your advantage!

Runners have a huge opportunity right now and that’s TIME, time to work on your weaknesses, time to get in even better shape so when races are back on its time to get out there and smash it 💪🏻

If you need a boost right now here’s a video of running specific exercises you can do from home.. no excuses 😊 and if you are struggling (which we all do at times) feel free to reach out to us, we have your back 💯

Make sure you recover between sets and warm-up and cool down

Let’s do this 💪🏻

Music: Mystic
Musician: Jef

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How Marathon Runners Can Achieve PB’s and Smash Target Times WITHOUT Having to Double Their Mileage, Using The 3-Step Marathon Success System

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