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Before I started coaching with John I had plateaued massively and was struggling to the achieve times I knew shouldn’t be a problem for me. This was partly down to injury which had stopped me training consistently and led to a huge loss of confidence in my ability. I enquired about coaching after seeing the Facebook page but wasn’t sure whether it was for me (lack of confidence!) and whether I could justify the cost but after a chat with John I felt reassured that he would help me towards my goal of a successful marathon with a tailored program to suit my lifestyle and ability.
The coaching has built my confidence and seen my speed return. Some personal difficulties have made keeping the focus a challenge but being accountable to John has made a huge difference and having that extra level of support during tricky times have seen me achieve my goal of a successful marathon with a massive PB!!!
I am certain that this wouldn’t have happened without the coaching and the access to the strength & stretch exercise videos with Lily. I would 100% recommend the coaching to others especially those who find themselves in a similar position to me with a lack of confidence or to anyone who has a goal they wish to achieve. Thanks to John for his unwavering support and confidence in me (Lisa Dickinson)

Before I discovered John at MBRB I had simply started to increase my mileage in preparation for the MCR 2018 Marathon in isolation. I’d never run a marathon before so I just downloaded a generic training plan from the Internet and I thought I was set to go. Having had an initial discussion with John we established my personal marathon goals, hopes and concerns and John established a training plan from my (then) starting point to where I needed to be 12 weeks later. John carefully analysed my running experience and objectives and he used his extensive experience to reassure me that what I wanted to achieve was possible. I therefore had no reservations about signing up with him. John’s support was invaluable as I progressed through my training plan and he reassured me when I got injured. Lilly’s stretching exercises and instructive videos were a fantastic additional source of support. The variety in the training plan physically stretched me beyond what I thought I was capable. John also provided reassurance when self doubt set in. Through the structured approach adopted by John I have become a much quicker runner and my stamina and endurance has improved significantly. As I achieved a “Good For Age” time at MCR I now plan to tackle the Virgin London Marathon in 2019 and I will definitely use John’s support to prepare for that particular challenge. Any runner who is interested in improving their performance should contact John and engage his services. (Mike Stevens)

I started running for weight loss not to be a fast or a good runner, but a few years into my journey I wanted more, I wanted to start increasing my pace and become a faster runner, I needed help! but due to my work commitments I found it hard to join a running club, I did spend most Saturdays at my local parkrun, Clumber Park. This is where I found out about the MBRB coach John Beattie an GB athlete. Having arranged a free meeting to talk about my journey, goals and future aims, I decided to become a member of the MBRB group. John analysed my running past and goals, aims for the future. It was apparent from the start, running is more than just putting a pair of trainers on and running, the different running methods for body and mind conditioning didn’t mean anything to me, I can now do all of the running styles and understand the reasons behind them, Fartlek, Intervals, Recovery runs, Progression runs, Rest days.

I can say with confidence, since being a coached runner I have improved my 5k times from 31 minutes to 26:43 minutes, 10k time was over an hour, now sits at 56:30, Half marathon time smashed twice in 6 months, now 02:03:46 this is 17 minutes quicker than when I was pre coached. Then there’s the Marathon I completed on April 8th Manchester, my first marathon completed in 04:29:46 under my planned time, I’ve ran over 26 Miles where I struggled to move for 3 without resting or walking last year. You don’t need to be a good runner, a world class athlete, to be a coached runner, It’s the desire to deliver and be accountable for completing the runs, running styles set to deliver your goals. It’s a great feeling to have a coach with John Beatties experiences review your runs, provide feedback on the runs and discuss improvements and push you to be better than you think possible is a type of motivation that inspires you to give more and in tern delivers your personal rewards and goals. Anyone wanting to be a better runner, have greater knowledge of running styles, deliver on there own personal goals,
Move Better, Run Better is the place to be,
Thank you John! (Paul Wilde)

My non running training was very limited before I started. My balance was not very good and my core was weak. My only reservations when joining the group were – would it really work and was it really necessary. The sessions are so enjoyable.. I was hooked from the start. We all work hard but have fun doing it. Although I have not been going for that long it has made a massive difference to my core. I am now far more stable when balancing on one leg (which we all obviously have to do when running). The classes teach far more than just strength – proper form, importance of warm ups and how to do them, tips on running, motivation and how to enjoy your running more. We even get homework! John knows everything about running and why things are necessary and Lilly is great at working the core and.checking correct form. So they make a perfect team. I would recommend the classes to everyone whatever level you are at. (Jackie Duers)

Before working with John at MBRB I didn’t really do any ‘non-running’ training. My warm up routines were fairly unstructured and I didn’t know what I should be concentrating on. My initial reservation was whether I could commit to the weekly sessions to make the most out them. Initially I viewed the sessions as an opportunity to learn some drills in structured way. What I’ve found as I have continued is that I’m challenging myself and thinking about how I can include what I’ve learned in both my running and my general fitness routines. I’ve also felt that I’ve joined a community. As I’ve been going for a while now I feel I can help support newer members with the drills and techniques John is teaching us. The best thing I’ve found from attending the sessions is that the stiffness I would get in my achillies every morning as soon as I got up has gone. Steve Bowler

I started working with John because I had some running challenges and targets I wanted to complete so wanted a coach to guide me to ensure I’m on the correct route and not falling into an over-training trap. Everything was clearly laid out in our initial chat before coming on board as an athlete so that John knew my goals. I love the fact that training sessions are always clear and I get brilliant feedback from Skype video and training peaks every week. Although I feel like the best is still to come, my PB’s before starting and since working with John are:

5k – 17.30 to 16.45

10k – 35.30 to 34.08

HM – 78.20 to 75.40

Ryan Poingdestre

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