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Before I discovered John at MBRB I had simply started to increase my mileage in preparation for the MCR 2018 Marathon in isolation. I’d never run a marathon before so I just downloaded a generic training plan from the Internet and I thought I was set to go. Having had an initial discussion with John we established my personal marathon goals, hopes and concerns and John established a training plan from my (then) starting point to where I needed to be 12 weeks later. John carefully analysed my running experience and objectives and he used his extensive experience to reassure me that what I wanted to achieve was possible. I therefore had no reservations about signing up with him. John’s support was invaluable as I progressed through my training plan and he reassured me when I got injured. Lilly’s stretching exercises and instructive videos were a fantastic additional source of support. The variety in the training plan physically stretched me beyond what I thought I was capable. John also provided reassurance when self doubt set in. Through the structured approach adopted by John I have become a much quicker runner and my stamina and endurance has improved significantly. As I achieved a “Good For Age” time at MCR I now plan to tackle the Virgin London Marathon in 2019 and I will definitely use John’s support to prepare for that particular challenge. Any runner who is interested in improving their performance should contact John and engage his services. (Mike Stevens)

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