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Before I started coaching with John I had plateaued massively and was struggling to the achieve times I knew shouldn’t be a problem for me. This was partly down to injury which had stopped me training consistently and led to a huge loss of confidence in my ability. I enquired about coaching after seeing the Facebook page but wasn’t sure whether it was for me (lack of confidence!) and whether I could justify the cost but after a chat with John I felt reassured that he would help me towards my goal of a successful marathon with a tailored program to suit my lifestyle and ability.
The coaching has built my confidence and seen my speed return. Some personal difficulties have made keeping the focus a challenge but being accountable to John has made a huge difference and having that extra level of support during tricky times have seen me achieve my goal of a successful marathon with a massive PB!!!
I am certain that this wouldn’t have happened without the coaching and the access to the strength & stretch exercise videos with Lily. I would 100% recommend the coaching to others especially those who find themselves in a similar position to me with a lack of confidence or to anyone who has a goal they wish to achieve. Thanks to John for his unwavering support and confidence in me (Lisa Dickinson)

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