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Where you’re at

  • You have struggled with injuries or niggles and are unable to prevent them from reoccurring
  • You are already or are becoming a keen runner, and regularly enter events ranging from 5k up to the marathon
  • You currently go running at least a couple of times a week either on your own or with a group or club
  • You perhaps do some ‘non-running’ training at the gym on your own, with a PT, or in various fitness style group classes

What your issues tend to be

  • You have either had injuries already or feel like they are round the corner
  • You often feel tight or weak when out running – especially towards the end
  • You don’t really know what ‘non-running’ training you should be doing and will often end up ‘machine-hopping’ in the gym
  • Motivation comes and goes, and without accountability its tough to get into any routine
  • You struggle to find anything running specific that really feels like it will help you

What you need help with right now

  • You want to find out where injuries are coming from, and what you can do to prevent them
  • You want a program that can easily be incorporated into your routine to fit your lifestyle
  • You want to follow a program specifically designed for you and to help your running
  • You need a coach to help you put all this together and keep you on track with regular accountability

To book a call with a coach to discuss how this could work for you click here

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