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Where you are at?

You are planning on or thinking about running a marathon within the next 12 months and have likely experienced the following:

  • They enjoyment and love for running has gone and you are not sure how to get it back 
  • You may feel guilty for going running, have experienced overwhelm and struggle to fit everything into daily life 
  • You suffer from extreme nervousness or anxiety when it comes to races and don’t know how to overcome this 
  • You may feel alone, and have no one to discuss any of this with

What you need help with?

You are willing to train and put the hard work in, but know that something isn’t quite right with your mindset as far as running goes. You need help with:

  • Getting back in touch with what running means to you in your life and how it can be incorporated
  • How to stop other areas in your life having a negative impact on your running 
  • Tools you can use to ensure that you are enjoying your running and able to ‘back yourself’ when it really matters 

How does it work?

We may or may not be able to help you, and the way we find out is to have a detailed phone conversation to go through everything. During the call we will:

  • Gain clarity on what is holding you back and what can be done to change this
  • Identify where the problems are coming from – often it’s not where you think! 
  • If appropriate, we will share how we can help you with our mindset coaching programmes.

To book a call, simply click here Once you have booked a call, you will need to complete the questionnaire. This will help us best understand your position before we get on the call

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