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Where you are at?

Firstly you are a serious runner. By serious, we don’t mean the fastest or elite – simply you are someone who values running as an important hobby in your life and it is something that you dedicate good time, energy and effort into. You are intending to run a marathon within the next 12 months and have likely experienced the following:

  • Confusion as to what training you should be doing due to the minefield of conflicting information
  • You’ve reached a plateau in performances or don’t know what to do to try and reach the next target
  • Struggling to shake off bad experiences from previous marathons or heard heard horror stories from others
  • You have big targets and want to do everything within your power to achieve them this time

What you need help with?

The marathon is a serious commitment in terms of time, effort, and energy. You don’t want to ‘waste’ it because you haven’t prepared properly. You want to cross the finish line of a target race knowing that you did everything you could to achieve your dream result. You are after:

  • A training plan that is specific to your needs and goals. Generic ‘off the shelf’ plans haven’t worked before
  • Structure, support and accountability that will allow you to fit a running training program in and around your busy life
  • You want to be told exactly what you are doing, when and have it fit with what you are aiming for
  • Confidence on race day that what you have followed has been right for you and will deliver the result you are after

How does it work?

We are not the type of coaches who claim to be able to help everyone with everything. There are some runners we will be a great fit for, and there will be some runners who will be better off seeking help elsewhere. That is totally fine! If you are interested in finding out more about how we could possibly help you with your next marathon, then the first step will be to complete an application form. One we receive this and have had a chance to review, then we will either proceed to a phone call or let you know that we are not the best fit for you to work with. So in summary…

  • Complete the application form – Give as much detail as you can, if it is vague we will not call you!
  • We will be in touch with two working days to let you know the next step
  • If applicable, we will arrange a call to go through your situation and share with you how we can help you towards your next marathon with help from one of our coaching programs.

The application form can be accessed HERE

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