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Are you a frustrated marathon who is struggling with any of the following..

  • You have slowed down drastically at the end of previous marathons
  • What you tried before didn’t work and you missed your target
  • You are lost or confused about how to prepare properly
  • Your body has either given up or become injured during the build up or race
  • You are simply struggling on your own without support or guidance
  • Unable to shake off bad experiences in the past and have lost your confidence

Or perhaps you are making your marathon debut and want to avoid any of the above from happening?

If so, then please do check out this online training seminar that I’ve made, going into much more detail on all of the above mistakes and how they can be avoided. (I’ve made them all!). At the end of the training, you will be given the opportunity to book a call with us to discuss your own situation and how we may be able to help you.

To watch the training, please click here

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