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Where you’re at

  • You are based locally to Retford, Nottinghamshire
  • You are already or are becoming a keen runner, and regularly enter events ranging from 5k up to the marathon
  • You currently go running at least a couple of times a week either on your own or with a group or club
  • You perhaps do some ‘non-running’ training at the gym or in various fitness style group classes

What your issues tend to be

  • You have either had injuries already or feel like they are round the corner
  • You often feel tight or weak when out running – especially towards the end
  • You don’t really know what ‘non-running’ training you should be doing
  • Motivation comes and goes, but you know that group training will definitely make things more fun

What you need help with right now

  • You want to be shown how to get physically stronger and how to move better – meaning that injuries are significantly less likely to happen
  • You want to know drills, exercises, and routines that you can apply directly to your running
  • You want to train within a supportive group of like-minded runners
  • You need to follow something that has worked for others to give you confidence that it will work for you

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