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Where you are at?

You are planning on or thinking about running a marathon within the next 12 months and have likely experienced the following:

  • Confusion as to what training you should be doing due to the minefield of conflicting information
  • Struggling to shake off bad experiences from previous marathons or heard heard horror stories from others
  • You have struggled with injuries or niggles in previous marathons and build ups

What you need help with?

The marathon is a serious commitment in terms of time, effort, and energy. You don’t want to ‘waste’ it because you haven’t prepared properly. You want to cross the finish line of a target race knowing that you did everything you could to achieve your dream result. You are after:

  • A training plan that is specific to your needs and goals
  • A way to create a ‘marathon body’ – One that is robust and can stand up to the training
  • Complete confidence in your own abilities. Being able to handle the mental ups and downs of a marathon build up, as well as getting rid of past limiting beliefs

How does it work?

Simple – The first step is to watch an online webinar we produced that will talk all things marathon running. During this webinar you will:

  • Learn the most common mistakes made by 99% of marathoners, including how John ended up in wheel-chair after his marathon debut
  • Find out more about our 3-step method that is leading runners all over the world to huge marathon PB’s
  • Be given the opportunity to speak with one of the MBRB team about how you can join us a coached marathon runner

To watch the webinar, simply click here

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